Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advocating for the underdogs

There are many reasons why many of us give so much of our time, heart and soul to Pet Haven: we are a family committed to a cause and moving towards our vision of a day when there will be no more homeless animals. Like other rescues we have constraints and limits; however, one thing I am extremely proud of is that Pet Haven continues to remain committed to advocating and helping the dogs and cats often overlooked for a variety of reasons (bully breeds, seniors, animals with health issues or needing surgery, and black dogs/cats).

Every day our intake coordinator receives more calls and pleas to rescue a dog and to save their life. Many of these pleas are for black dogs and bully breeds. It breaks her heart to have to say "no" because we have no open foster to take them. The sad reality is that saying "no" to a bully breed or a black dog or cat often means they will be euthanized -- a rescue is often a last resort when we receive pleas from animal control facilities or shelters (Learn more about Black Dog Syndrome). I am proud to be a part of Pet Haven where are reputation is growing for being a rescue that advocates for the big black dogs!

Many may say we are crazy for taking in so many black dogs... well, we at Pet Haven disagree. We love big black dogs and we will fight for as many of them as we possibly can. I ask you to join us in helping us advocate for these beautiful dogs. We need your help. If your life has been touched by a black dog please share your story -- send us a comment. Let's tell the world that these black beauties deserve as much of a second chance as any other dog.

Here's how you can help:
- Email and let us know you want to join our team of volunteers advocating for big black dogs. If you have graphic design and creative/marketing skills we especially want to hear from you!
- Stop by our special black dog adoption event on Saturday, 1/31.
- Join the I Support Pet Haven facebook page and add your story to the Black Dog Syndrome discussion board
- Email us with ideas you may have (you can reach me directly at
- read the MSNBC article on black pups facing discrimnation.

Over the past years we have had quite a few happy tails. Read about Shadow, Dodger, Geordie, Bella, and the artful Dodger.

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