Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ruby (fka Gale) - Another happy ending!

We love happy endings. Here's another great happy ending update from Ruby (fka Gale)'s new mom. In the bottom picture she is playing tug with Hot Rod, her new boxer brother.

If you've adopted a Pet Haven dog and have a moment to drop us an update email (, we would love to hear from you too! We never stop caring about our foster dogs.

Everything is going great with Ruby (we've re-named her Texas Ruby after an old timey cowgirl singer, since Ruby is a cowdog!). She and Hot Rod are getting along just fine and everything is working out. I think she is calming HR down, which is a good thing. They are both sleeping in the office with me now.

She's adapting very well, has mastered stairs and coming through doors & knows where her food bowl is.

I've attached a couple of pictures for you.

hanks again for your assistance in getting Ruby to us. She's a real sweetie!

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