Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A black dog in the White House?

Suzy is pretty excited to hear that President Obama and his family are looking to adopt a dog. A lot of media attention has been focused on the Obama family's search for a dog -- what breed, rescue or breeder, etc. The Obamas have indicated that they are open to rescuing a dog, which is great! But what Suzy and I would like to suggest is that they also give serious consideration to adding a black dog to their family. Whatever dog they end up adding to their family will get a lot of press coverage and it would be the most amazing press coverage for black dogs -- who are often overlooked and the last ones to be adopted (or purchased, for that matter).

The Obamas are looking for a low-shed dog because of some allergies (which also, unfortunately, means Suzy is out of the running), so they are restriced on what breeds of dog they can consider, but there are many low-shed breeds that can produce black coats. If the Obama family adopts one, it could be a real paw up for black dogs everywhere.

Want to stay ahead of the trend? Come to our black dog adoption event this weekend and find a new family member! Then you can say you had your black dog before they became popular.

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