Monday, January 19, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We have six adoptions to celebrate this week!

Diedre came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and is being adopted by her foster mom. No surprise -- who could resist a face like that? Congratulations, Diedre!

Kix was adopted this weekend. His new mom and dad are good friends with Dakota's foster. Kix had to wait a few weeks longer than his siblings, Sierra and Ozzy, to find his forever home, but it was worth the wait. Congratulations, Kix!

Bungie went home last week. Bungie's new family loves to take walks even in the cold! Perfect, since Bungie needs to drop about 5 pounds from the steroids that he was on. He is adjusting well and is very happy. He also will be attending obedience training for barking and for just something to do. Congratulations, Bungie!

Daisy found her home at the adoption event this weekend. Her new mom has adopted several "older" dogs in the past (Daisy has no idea she is "older") -- in fact, Daisy now has a 14 year old brother to hang out with. She also has a fenced in yard so that Daisy can enjoy as much time in the snow as her little heart desires! Congratulations, Daisy!

Mimi, a young shih tzu who never even made it on the website, went home this weekend. Mimi has had some medical issues that needed to be addressed before the adoption could be finalized. Her new family has been waiting almost two months to bring her home. Her new family includes an 8 year old girl who will be Mimi's best friend -- you can imagine how eagerly she was anticipating finalizing this adoption! Congratulations, Mimi!

Rowdy, a shih tzu who does not live up to his name, now lives with a new mom. She has several grandkids who are looking forward to helping to care for Rowdy. He also lives in an apartment building with a lot of other dogs for regular playdates. Congratulations, Rowdy!

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