Saturday, January 17, 2009

Come meet Lacy and her single friends today!

Lacy is heading up the Pet Haven singles club at today's adoption event. She's looking for love, in what she hopes are all the right places .... she had a chance to romp around in the snow with foster mom yesterday and after a good night's sleep is feeling like she wants to dole out LOTS of doggy kisses. And when she gets tired or needs a break, she's okay sharing the limelight with her Pet Haven friends. Lacy understands we all have our types -- she's the calm, mellow type who would love to just hang out with you. If you plan on training for a marathon ... well, Lacy wants you to know she has many friends who match your profile. If you can compromise and settle for a 5K run/walk though ... then she'll be happy to chat/woof with you this morning :) Otherwise, she'll introduce you to her running buddies, and the list is long!

So come on out to the Richfield Petco this morning and meet Lacy and her friends! Visit our website to read more about all of our available singles!

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