Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adopted Dog Update - Roxy

Roxy is a beagle who was adopted from Pet Haven in 2008. Doesn't the photo of her snuggled up in the blankets look like a good on this coooooold morning? She has trained her family to tuck her in -- smart dog! Obviously she has them wrapped around her little paw. Good work, Roxy!

Here's an update from her adoptive mom:

Roxy joined our family a year ago. She has become so much a part of our lives that I can’t imagine not having her. Our 8 year old son has a snuggling routine that is adorable; they curl up together right before bedtime, and first thing in the morning. Other than breakfast and supper, one of Roxy’s most adorable moments is when the kids get home from school. She is so happy, her tail is going and she puts her paws right around their necks like a big hug! Roxy’s bed is on her very own “Stickley” loveseat, she insists on being tucked in every night before bed and sometimes even for her afternoon nap. Roxy has a non blinking serious stare that she will give you when she wants something. And it is truly up to you to figure out what this little beagle is asking for. It is usually food, although this also is the way she tells you that she needs to be tucked in.

The best whole family moments have been when we all go to the dog park. Watching this beautiful dog run is priceless. Her short little legs just go flying she is so fast. Then, she’ll stop on a dime to take in an interesting smell. Smelling the world is what Roxy does as an occupation. As you can imagine she takes her work very seriously and does not like the distraction of some human telling her things, like “come here Roxy”.

Lastly, I would like to share that Roxy has a rabbit friend named Honey Bunny. Bunny lives on our back porch, she is not frightened of Roxy one bit. In fact, Roxy opens bunny’s cage every time she gets a chance, Bunny loves that freedom, but also enjoys the companionship, so she puts her head low in hopes that Roxy may pet her, but to no avail, Roxy is merely there to sniff out more of the world.

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