Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Facts About Foster Dogs

I thought a Friday near the end of the month would be a good time for an update on some of the dogs for whom we have put out foster pleas, either by email or on our foster dog blog. Most of them have found foster homes. To everyone who responded to our requests for help, a sincere thank you -- whether you were able to take a dog or not!

ALFIE is in a foster home with intent (to adopt) waiting for her second heartworm treatment next month. Her foster family loves her gentle spirit and is enjoying their time with her.

OSO is also in a foster home with intent. This lovable boy is living with another Rottie mix and both dogs are enjoying having canine companionship, something new for both dogs.

MISSY has a great foster buddy who has taken her home for the weekend. There are already three dogs and a cat in the home, including adoptable Pet Haven dog Andy, so Missy will be spending her weekdays at Pampered Pooch Playground.

RILEY, our nervous but oh-so-dear Springer mix is in his original foster home with Pet Haven. We are looking for a situation for him where people are around 24/7, such as a group home. Please put the word out for this boy. There is a right place for Riley -- we just need to find it for him.

SOPHIE, the Yellow Lab/Hound mix is going to a foster home this evening. Her new foster mom is new to Pet Haven and has no other animals, which may be the best place for Sophie as she is a little particular about which dogs she likes to hang around with!

MAGGiE, a senior Black Lab, has a home visit scheduled for this weekend. She came and went so quickly she didn't make it to our website, thus proving that being an older big, black dog doesn't necessarily mean that you are unwanted!

FLETCHER, now known as GEORGE was fostered with intent for a short while before his family decided to make it official. This cute chocolate lab is having a blast in his new forever home!

TUCKER, a Lab/Chow Chow is in a foster home with intent. Tucker's family is working on a couple of behavior issues with him, but are hoping to adopt him soon.

PORTER, formerly BUDDY is in a terrific foster home -- mine! ;) He's already generated some interest from an Aussie-owned family; meanwhile, he and my socially-challenged GSD Daisy have gotten past the awkward "let's just ignore each other" stage and were spotted playing together this morning.

SAVANNAH is still at Auntie Ruth's waiting for a foster home to open up for her. If you would like a sweet dark chocolate companion, let us know. You will not be sorry for welcoming this morsel into your home.

I think that's about it for today. Please keep spreading the word about our dogs. Your efforts make a difference. Many of our dogs have been placed in foster and adoptive homes through your contacts.

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