Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Fast and the Furballs

On May 31st, Pet Haven will be fielding a team in a 5K-9 (yes, you can bring your dog on the run)! We would love to have you join us and we've started a blog to get everyone organized for the event. Check it out for more information on the event and a link to the registration:
The Fast and the Furballs

Did you drop the ball on that New Year's resolution to exercise more? There are a number of "Couch to 5K" training programs available on the web. Just hit up Google to find one that fits your schedule. There are many out there tailored to fit within the time period between now and the 5K-9 event. Don't forget that our dogs need to build up to running a 5K too, so take your favorite canine along on during your training as well.

Mister (photo above), a Pet Haven alum, can't wait to see you there!

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