Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pit Bull Transport from Louisiana: One Year Later

Baby Benne, in the shelter

About a year ago, Benne and Hazel made the long journey from Louisiana to Pet Haven in search of their forever homes. Their trip was the culmination of weeks of conversation and organization. Both dogs were in a high-kill shelter in Louisiana; both dogs had advocates that worked on their behalf to remove them from the shelter and get them into temporary foster homes. After this heroic effort, the outreach began. Hazel and Benne's rescuers contacted Ann S., Pet Haven's Intake Coordinator, who agreed to take the two dogs.

A truly amazing effort of more than 15 transporters drove the two Pit Bulls from Louisiana to Minnesota, leaving the 19th of April and arriving at their destination on the 21st of April.

Hazel had spent at least a year in a shelter and was still only about a year old. Benne had spent almost all of his young life (he was about nine months of age when he arrived at Pet Haven) in a shelter, too. A Minnesota foster family had learned about Benne and was waiting to take him home. Hazel tested positive for heartworm and had to spend a couple of months at the our vet clinic while she underwent two treatments to kill the worms and had to bear two months of almost no activity. It can be lethal for a heartworm infested dog to get her heart working hard, so no running, no play, no excitement. Lively Hazel could not have been thrilled with this situation but she survived it with her good nature intact. Now she, too, was ready for a foster home!

Benne and Hazel were with us for several months. Benne was adopted last month into an all-girls household. His new best friend -- besides his new human mom, of course -- is a nine-month old kitten. Hazel's foster mom realized that she could not part with her sweet 'pocket pit' and made it all final this week.

One of our volunteers commented, "It takes a village to raise a Pit Bull" and the efforts of so many well-meaning people on behalf of these two dogs proves that to be true.

Thanks to everyone in Lousiana and Minnesota who cared, who advocated, who drove, and finally, thanks to those wonderful people who opened their hearts and homes to Hazel and Benne. A special thank you to Trisha S. and Melody K. on behalf of Benne and to Ann S. and Diana S. on behalf of Hazel.

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Diana said...

Hazel is the sweetest companion (ie lapdog) and an incredible alarm clock. If I don't get out of bed she starts to tug and shake my pillow and pull the comforter off of me:) She loves to take long walks around the fields, then a quick run through the river and a couple of figure 8's along the sandy beach for a complete morning workout. Then it's nap time in the sun.