Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sadie: This girl can run

Don't let her stubby Basset Hound legs fool you...

Sadie had us on our toes last week. She was adopted by a wonderful family on Saturday and on Sunday she got away from them and ran into the large wetland area behind their home. She was skittish and would not come to any of the people who tried to call. Sadie's foster family and another Pet Haven volunteer that Sadie had met before went down to try to help -- they even brought her favorite fur-brother from her foster home to try and coax her to safety, but she was not falling for any of it. After several days of trying to lure her into safety, we contacted Sean from Falls Creek Animal and Pest Control who hooked us up with a couple of live traps. Sean went out to the neighborhood and set up the traps and monitored them for us. Finally, on Thursday morning, we got the call that Sadie had been caught overnight. Yay! Her foster family dashed out to pick her up before the flakes started falling. She was checked over by a vet and aside from losing a few pounds and a couple scrapes and burrs she was no worse for wear after her adventure.

Sadie is now back in her foster home and is looking for an adoptive home with a VERY secure fence as she has clearly inherited all of the hound scenting traits and all of the husky mischief from her ancestors.

The first few weeks in a new home are when dogs are most likely to run away. They haven't bonded to their new people yet and everything is new and exciting. It's important to be extra-vigilant with new dogs until they have bonded with you -- not only so they are less inclined to run, but also so they are more inclined to come back to you (and recognize you as their "family").

If you have a secure fence, a good sense of humor and would like to meet Sadie, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com.

Above - Sadie safely trapped.
Right - Sadie and her foster sister on the way to the vet to get checked out after her rescue.

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