Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do you recognize this adopted dog?

Jessie's adoptive family emailed us an update (we love updates on adopted dogs!)...

We adopted our dog Jessie from Pet Haven on 5-23-97.....she was age 1 at the time. Although Jessie has a few gray hairs like my husband and myself, she is still the same ol' sweet little girl we
adopted 12 years ago. During the years, names evolve and nicknames take their place, and Jessie is no exception. Jess-a-roonie-be-bop, Punkin, Lady Bug, Chum-Chum, Pussy Willow, and a few others that are unmentionable but adoring. I especially like to whisper in her ear that she is so sweet, sugary, and chocolaty that I could eat her up, but nothing would be left except her collar. Jessie is sweet, loving, gentle, spoiled, loyal, faithful......did I mentioned spoiled??

Thank you, Pet Haven, for bringing this little girl into our lives. We have enjoyed every single moment and her paw print has been embedded into our hearts forever. We love you, Jess-a-roonie!

Do you recognize Jessie? She's the dog in the header on Pet Haven's website!

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