Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ode - brave spirit

Two weeks ago we received a request from Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to help with a 12 week old puppy who was malnourished and had an ear injury. Ode's ears (pronounced 'Oday' and means heart) had been intentionally burned. I had the opportunity, along with a couple other Pet Haven volunteers, to visit with her today at Bloomington Vet where she is being cared for until she is ready to move into a foster home. She truly is a brave spirit and a loving spirit. With tail wagging, she will look right into your eyes... and her soul will connect with your's in an instant.

Ode has captured the hearts of Pet Haven volunteers. We are grateful to Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's for entrusting this beautiful spirit into our care.

We will continue to share her story and her progress.


Celayne said...

Tell me that is NOT a German Shepherd Dog!

Beautiful Witch said...

Oh what a bright and beautiful soul Ode is! I am sure she will touch hearts wherever she goes and won't her forever family be so happy and lucky to have her?

I adopted my Mollie from a shelter last December. She's large - a wolfhound/golden retriever cross so she had been passed over a few times. But oh how we belong together. Every night I put her to bed and say "Everybody loves you and this is Mollie's home".