Monday, June 1, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Oso, a middle aged shepherd/rottie mix was officially adopted by his foster-with-intent home this weekend. Oso was surrendered by a family who fell on hard times and it was a very difficult surrender. I hope maybe they are following the blog and will know that Oso has landed in a loving home and they adore him. Congratulations, Oso!

Bishop, a young male mix, was adopted by his foster home. Allison and family were his third foster home -- third time's the charm! After fostering him since October they have realized that he is already home. They also recently paid for Bishop's DNA to be tested and the results state that he is over 50% Chihuahua. That would make him the biggest Chihuahua I've ever met (Bishop is about 40lbs), but it does explain why he thinks he is a lap dog and hates cold weather. Congratulations, Bishop!

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