Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Izzy: A girl looking for love

Izzy arrived last week to Pet Haven via Red Lake Rosie’s. She has been in foster care since last Tuesday evening and is getting along great with her canine foster brothers and foster parents.

On Saturday, she had a wonderful time at the Paws for Peace event where she charmed young and old alike with her calm demeanor and laid back attitude. Kids, wheelchairs, strollers, big dogs, small dogs, nothing seemed to phase her! (Well, maybe the poodle wearing a beret took her by surprise, but really, who wouldn't be?) At approximately 1 year old, she still has some puppy in her, but she is housebroken and enjoys her quiet time chewing on her chew toys. She will need some help figuring out what she should be chewing on and what she shouldn’t, but she is very smart and will figure it out in no time.

Izzy had a hard start to her life, with scars and scabs to prove it, but she doesn’t let that keep her from opening her heart up to all that she meets. If you would like to open your heart to Izzy, please email

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