Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cindy needs a foster (or adopter)!

Cindy Lou is a sweet, friendly 75-pound senior black lab who likes everyone she meets - human, canine or feline. For Cindy, there are no strangers - only friends she hasn't met. She was reluctantly surrendered by her owners, who lost their home to foreclosure. They had bought her as a puppy from a breeder - Cindy is an aristocratic lady with with a classy pedigree. The name on her AKC registration is "Cause I Need Ducks and You." She is field trained, but her hunting days are behind her now. She can't exercise too long or too vigorously without getting winded. She enjoys a short daily walk at a moderate pace, and she REALLY REALLY NEEDS to play fetch with her favorite ball 2-3 times a day - no more than 7-8 throws at a time, though, because she tires easily. But she does demand her playtime every day. If you forget, or if it's been too long since the last game of fetch, she will stand in front of you and slap the floor with her front paws - left and right, from side to side, with a soft, muffled woof - until you take her outside and throw the ball. More recently, she has started dropping the ball at her foster's feet and picking it up, then dropping it again over and over - it's really comical, but she doesn't quit until you stop laughing and play with her. Sometimes she will literally toss the ball at you.

Cindy is hard of hearing, and we've started working with her on hand signal commands. She will dig in the garbage when left alone, if there's something in there that smells good (to her), so the garbage must be taken out every morning upon leaving for work. That's really her only bad habit - she doesn't chew, doesn't bark much, and is fully housetrained - foster has a dog walker who comes midday, so we can't be sure if she can hold it all day, but we think she can. Rides well in the car. We were warned that Cindy was an escape artist, but she has shown no inclination to try to get out of the foster's fenced yard when outside. She did knock down a safety gate when she was gated into a bedroom, though - she is very strong for an old girl. She gets along well with cats and other dogs - she will stand up for herself if challenged, but she definitely prefers diplomacy over conflict!
If Cindy sounds like a dog who would fit in your home on a permanent (adoptive) or temporary (foster) basis, please email

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