Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kaia and Ari - Foster or adoptive homes needed!

Kaia and Ari are 9 month old female littermates. They are cattle dog mixes and should be around 40 lbs when they are full grown. They are being surrendered through no fault of their own and their previous owner has been able to provide us with a lot of information about the girls. The girls are good with kids, dogs and cats and have lived with birds as well. Their previous owner has helped us out by writing up some bios for the girls:

Sweet and a great snuggle buddy. Her big brown eyes greet you with hertail going a mile a minute. She loves to be held and go for walks but she doesnt like when cars drive by her. She is very attentive and comes when called. She loved her kitten friend and would lick the kitten clean. She loves her belly rubbed and goes crazy for aspponful of peanut butter. At the dog park she'd rather have the other dogs chase her then to roll around in the dirt with them. She loves laying right next to you during naps and to lay in the sun.

The Adventure seeker, always curious and checking out the area for things she wouldnt approve of... she hasnt found anything yet but youc an tell she is looking to protect. Ari Loves water, bath time is a piece of cake... fill up the tub and put some towels on the floor and she takes care of the rest. She loves to stick her nose under water and blow bubbles. When she walks she has a natural sense of confidence and has her head up high and walks with pride. She is very up front and likes to make sure people know when she is around. Ari is also a roughhouser and likes to wrestle dogs at the dog park but she usually ends up on her back also. She loved playing with the big saint bernard, and is very gentle with little dogs & small animals.

If you think one of these girls would fit into your home on a temporary (foster) or permanent (adoptive) basis, please email

I am not 100% sure if I have the right photo with the right girl, but they are both adorable!

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