Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cat on the Dog Blog: Betty

This week we're doing another little blog swap with the Pet Haven cat blog. They are featuring a cat-friendly dog and we are featuring a dog-friendly cat. Many families have both canine and feline members and we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a couple of our foster kids who would love to join a blended household.

Betty is just around a year old. She has a sister named Brenda, who is a medium hair. Brenda tolerates the dogs in her foster home but you can see that Betty loves the dog! Both Betty and Brenda could be described as tom-girls - they love to be rowdy and wrestle with each other and Betty would need a dog that would tolerate and enjoy her biting his tail, rubbing all over his feet and face. Both girls are polydactyl - that means they have extra toes on their feet, front and back for these young ladies. Betty and Brenda do not have to be adopted together but each needs another active, playful, busy companion to romp with. Betty would love a dog that she could play with while you were away from home.

If you think Betty (or Brenda) might fit into your home, please email cats@pethavenmn.org.

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