Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pass the Pepper, please!

Claudia, a PH volunteer, wrote up a little something about her day with Pepper this weekend at the 5K run:

What can I say, Pepper is that one-of-a-kind happy-go-lucky dog, who always has a wagging tail. I like to describe him as the "curious, happy kid" -- just content to check out the world. People seem to gravitate towards him, too. Must be his sweet face, or that million dollar smile.

Pepper was my running partner for The Fast and the Furballs 5k-9 on Sun May 31st (our first ever—watch Pet Haven's website for upcoming events!). He was a loyal pace-car, running by my side and keeping my enthusiasm to jog the full 5k. When we met other dogs along the way, he was a gentleman, saying hi in true doggy style. Pepper, being about 2 yrs old, is still a "kid" -- he has a ton of energy and is ready to share it with anyone he can! He loves sitting in the car, breeze in flapping his ears... waiting patiently for the next adventure.

On the flip side, Pepper is quite the snuggler. He loves to roll over and lay on his back, really to get those belly rubs! He's ready to sit, stay, and gives his paw (sometimes just to give it, even when he isn't asked!).

If you think Pepper sounds like the dog for you, email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

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