Friday, June 26, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Suzy and the Good Life

Suzy was adopted by a Pet Haven volunteer earlier this year. You may remember her as the dog who played a very integral role in a very special marriage proposal. She is living the good life! Thank you, Sarah and Adam, for making Suzy a part of your family!

Suzy is doing so well. She has been learning so many new things. We go to my parent's cabin most summer weekends and we dont even tie her up - she runs and runs, jumping through the woods and field, and swimming. She's very good about staying with us and knowing not to get too far away. Last weekend she saw a deer and started sprinting after it, then knew she was getting too far from us, stopped, and came running back to us. She's also a great swimmer! She'll run and jump off the end of the dog into the water to fetch her dummy. We still can't believe she wasn't adopted by someone else. She's absolutely loved by everyone and is such a wonderful dog. Adam still tells me "you were right about her", every couple days. :)

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