Friday, June 12, 2009

Hawkeye's happy ending

Hawkeye (originally from Iowa, naturally) was adopted from Pet Haven last month. He is a yellow lab mix who was in and out of foster care before we got a photo of him on file - so sorry, no picture today - but I assure you he is one handsome fellow!

Hawkeye is doing wonderfully. We go to dog obedience class on Saturdays --having completed 5 of the 8 weeks. After some discussion in the family, we kept the name Hawkeye. He does have the nickname "Cockeyed" because he does have one lazy eye. I took him to the vet within a week or so of him staying with us just to make sure all was okay with his eye as I wasn't sure if he could see really well out of it. She said his sight seemed to be okay but that it was just a "lazy" eye. His ribs no longer show and heis a healthy 67 lbs. He gets to walk on a leash every night and gets to the dog park down by the Mississippi River at least 3 times a week. We have really noticed his stamina has increased since going to the dog park. The ability to get out and run at top speeds with other dogs has really benefited him.

He still doesn't know how to "play" very well but in all other areas he seems well adjusted. He is well known and liked in the neighborhood as heis so gentle. That is a good thing as he did get out our side gate one day when my husband left it open. Hawkeye went in the backyard with me to do gardening and after a few minutes I noticed he was gone! As I went to find him, he was being led up the street by a neighbor.

Adopting Hawkeye has been great for us and I think he really likes being with our family.

Congratulations, Hawkeye!

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