Monday, June 8, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday

Bundle of energy Scotch was adopted by his foster mom on Saturday. The Boxer mix lived at a couple of different boarding partners for nearly four months because this fifty pound, year old puppy's bouncing (think Winnie-the-Pooh's Tiggr) ways concerned potential fosters and adopters. Maria wanted to foster a dog and chose Scotch. I told her what he was like. She was certain: she wanted Scotch. She worked hard with him, taking him to obedience and socialization classes. Scotch repaid her by doing what she asked of him. And, when the family took in an older dog for a while, Scotch mellowed...somewhat. Still our bouncing high-octane brindle boy, he'll be missed at our adoption events, but we're so glad that he has a forever home! Here's a picture of Scotch and his calming influence. Scotch is on the left.

Lilah, a friendly and adorable Beagle, went home to new parents. They are "fostering with intent" to adopt her, but as Lilah has charmed everyone she has met, from the staff at Downtown Dogs, to her foster family, to volunteers and visitors at our adoption events, I'm sure they will make it official very soon.

Calm Springer (yes, there are some!) Winston has a new home this weekend. Okay, at least he was calm at our adoption events! His new family has two active teenagers, a mom who is home for the summer and best of all, a cabin on a lake. Winston's foster mom said a sad good-bye to him, but is happy that he will have a terrific life in his new home.

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