Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baylee - Update

Baylee's foster mom and dad have provided the following update on this sweet girl. She will definitely win your heart over if you just give her the chance:

"Baylee is such a happy dog! She's very eager to please, and wants most of all to be part of a family, people of her own to return her love and to have fun with. She fit into our household easily. She has the run of the house and doesn't seem to have any bad habits: no chewing or resource guarding; and she respects what's not hers, doesn't steal food or go counter surfing. She already knew how to sit and lie down, and has learned not to jump on furniture unless invited, to wait to go out an open door until given permission, and to shake hands! Baylee loves to go for walks, and walks well on-leash. We really enjoy her presence in our lives, and hope her true family finds her soon."

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