Friday, July 25, 2008

Ode - the joy of grass on my belly!

We have had more hits to our blog as a result of Ode ("heart" and "Brave Spirit") than ever. More photos, more updates, I hear.... I share more photos from the day I had the honor of meeting this Brave Spirit. She rubbed her belly against the grass... i call it joy, she probably says "I have an itch!"... and i caught her squinting "get that sun out of my eye!" or maybe it was more "stop pointing that camera at my face!"

Her playful, joyful spirit despite all she's been through. A lesson for humans to learn from... for me, this puppy has taught me, and continues to teach me, on how to live in the moment and to forgive, love and exude hope.

Ode will soon be hanging out in the foster home of Mary and Tino (who fostered Teddy and Smokey - lab pups who were both adopted this past week!) along with Eva (also pictured) a pup who arrived a few days ago also from Red Lake.

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