Monday, July 28, 2008

More Ode and Eve updates!

Another update from foster mom :)

"The girls are finally getting along. We do have brief moments when Eve gets testy but no more fights. I guess they needed a couple of days to get used to each other. I attribute Eve's attitude to "only child syndrome". Eve's eating issues have resolved. Turns out she didn't like Science Diet. We switched her to Nutri Source and she gobbled up every bite.

Ode's stomach has recovered. We are feeding her our homemade dog food and she has had no more bloating problems. Her skin is a mess though. It is very pink and swollen. Poor things scratches until she cries. We gave her a bath with Baby Aveeno, it didn't do anything to soothe the itch but the cool water helped. It got so bad last night that Tino got up and sprayed her with Lidocaine spray. It did the trick and she was finally able to sleep.

I find myself breaking my foster dog rules. Everything can be a learning opportunity for Ode. Last night we had meat scraps from dinner. Normally I would not give any to foster dogs because I don't want to create bad habits (even though I give them to my dogs all the time). Instead, we doled out the scraps one dog at a time making them take turns. Ode did great and didn't try to take any one's treat. Then we let her lick the juice off a plate but she had to share with Eve. She did wonderfully and didn't guard the plate at all. Of course, I was holding the plate. I don't think we are at the point where I can put something down on the ground.

Ode is getting very attached to us. She stays within two feet of me at all times. I was playing fetch with my dogs and she would lunge out from under my chair barking and growling at them We are working on this by petting Ode and another dog at the same time. If she gets angry and lunges after the other dog we stop petting her. The biting is getting a little better. She still grabs our ankles but doesn't bite down all the way. It is slow going.

We took the puppies to the drive-in theater this weekend. The puppies caused quite a stir and people asked a lot of questions. Ode was very friendly and allowed people to pet her. During the movies she was quite the hot water bottle, resting on my lap and keeping me warm. Eve did the same for my daughter Amy."


Sveden said...

Do you think Ode's skin problems are attributed to his burn or do you think he may have allergy problesm?

Marilou said...

Thanks for your note! Ode actually went to see Dr. Sinning at Lake Harriet Vet yesterday (they practice both eastern and western veterinary medicine). She is being treated for scabies and is on a nutritional and immune system booster. In addition she's on some great natural food (donated by Chuck & Don's!). I'm waiting for more photo updates for Ode's foster and will be sure to continue posting updated info.. she had an antihistamine last night and slept like a baby! and so did foster mom and dad! :)