Sunday, July 6, 2008

Smokey and Teddy - update

These two pups were found roaming the streets of South Dakota... they were rescued by some kind souls who then got in touch with Pet Haven. A relay of volunteers assisted in bringing them to Minnesota where they are being cared for by fosters Mary and Tino (who, by the way, did a great job fostering 3 of the 5 black lab pups found by a dumpster in rural Iowa!). Here's an update from foster parents:

"We are having a lot of fun in the backyard. Smokey and Teddy love to chase the ball, get sticks out of the woodpile and wrestle in the grass. They had doggy ice cream for the first time and got it all over their faces and nose. Then the containers were shredded and strewn about the yard as they tried to get every last drop. Giving them a bath turned out to be quite a challenge but not how you might be thinking. Both Teddy and Smokey were very cooperative and made little effort to get away. The problem was their coats. It actually repels water. Pour a cup of water on them and it literally slides off their fur. We really had to work to get them wet. I also noticed they have webbed paws. This is obviously a dog meant for swimming. These pups love the wading pool and jump and play in it all day. They are very easy going and haven't even attempted to dig in my garden (unlike my own dogs). They play with toys but don't destroy them. Their only "bad" habit is chewing on shoes. They love my flip flops, especially the pair with beads on it.

Smokey and Teddy are both real cuddlers. They love to lay in your lap and snuggle. We don't have to kennel them at night. They sleep on the dog bed with our other dogs and stay all night. They stay out in the yard with our other dogs with no problems. Teddy and Smokey pretty much ignore the cats. Smokey did attempt to wrestle with one of our cats but Wiley didn't cooperate. Oliver the guinea pig really gets their interest. Both puppies like to stick their noses in his cage. One of the cutest things is both Smokey and Teddy wag their tails while they eat. I think they are happy and grateful to be getting steady meals."

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