Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ode and Eve - update from day 1 in foster care!

Here's an update from Mary (who is fostering both Ode and Eva):

"Who put the batteries in Eve? She was shy for about five seconds. Once she got in the backyard she ran around like crazy chasing Gracie [one of Mary's dogs] and wrestling with Ode. I was trying to water my plants and she got under the stream, getting herself all wet. Then she jumped into the pool and splashed around. She finally passed out after about an hour.

Ode is a bundle of energy. She runs, grabs tennis balls and ropes, tosses them into the air and catches them. She already is pretty good at playing fetch. Ode also loves to get her paws wet in the pool and bite and any bugs that have had the misfortune of falling in. I shared my Popsicle with Ode and she was in heaven. Notice the blue tongue?

They both ignored our cats (for now) and love our other dogs. Bringing Ode and Eve together was a great idea. They have each other as playmates and Phoebe [another one of Mary's dogs] to look after them.

I am looking forward to spending loads of time with these puppies. Once I am feeling better we will take the pups on walks and outings. I am going to print some stuff to hand out when people ask about Ode. She is going to make a great Pet Haven advocate."

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Nancy O'Sullivan said...

What wonderful progress these two
sweeties have made in a matter of
weeks. Thank you for keeping us
posted on their progress.