Monday, July 14, 2008

Smokey and Teddy - update on puppies

Here's an update from Smokey and Teddy's foster family: "Smokey is the bigger puppy (14lbs) and is a bit more dominant. He will eat all the dog food and leave none for Teddy if we let him. He loves running with our dogs and joins in the chasing games. He is also loves chasing balls and we are working on bringing them back each time. Oh, he plays in the wading pool by himself jumping and splashing. Yesterday I was filling the wading pool with fresh water and Smokey kept biting the water, getting his face soaking wet. It was hilarious.

Teddy (11 lbs)likes to get sticks out of the woodpile and bring them to us. He also likes to explore in the garden. Teddy is a bit more of a cuddler and likes to lay on the couch and our bed when we let him. He is perfectly content to be held like a baby. He also prefers our lawn furniture to the actual lawn.

We have cats and the both dogs are fine around them. They like to watch the guinea pig in his cage. Our friend brought over his two year old daughter and they licked her face and played with her. They both love the company of people and will follow me from one end of our yard to the other, no matter what I am doing. They are also really good in the car and tend to sleep in the back seat.

Nothing really bothers them. They took no notice of the lawn mower and other garden equipment. They are fine around the bonfire and fireworks. Unfortunately they love to play in the firepit amongst all the charred wood and ash; good thing they are black! They both get a little scared if you run toward them but I guess I would too if someone ten times my size ran at me. Smokey runs to me every time I come outside but Teddy is more timid and won't (yet-I'm working on it). He won't come when you call him either unless all the dogs are running towards me. I think both these pups are great but whatever happened in their past has made Teddy a bit shy of people. I'm sure that can be cured with lots of love and attention.

They are not crate trained and Smokey hated being in one even for a short time. He howled the entire time until I got him out. They will sleep through the night and "hold it" until they get outside but I would not call them housebroken."

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