Monday, July 7, 2008

Tanner and Austin - 2 new pups

We recently took in Tanner and Austin. We're not sure exactly what breed they are but suspect some type of terrier mix. Here's an update from foster mom:

"Both boys are very friendly and have done great with kids and other dogs.
They are both smart, energetic, playful pups and play quite rough with each
other. They are social and will follow you wherever you go. The potty
training is coming along nicely- only a few accidents indoors. They are
sleeping in a crate together all night (8 hours) without waking or pottying
in the crate. From the crate straight outside to the grass and find a spot.

They have different personalities: Tanner has gone to the crate to sleep and is fine going in when he's tired. He is independent, confident and yet cautious about jumping and climbing. He likes chasing balls and is strong willed. Austin loves to snuggle in your lap and prefers sleeping close. He does better in the crate when Tanner is in first. He rolls over for tummy rubs a lot.

Both are typical puppies and are doing well in family life. They will need
lots of activity and interaction, and will likely get bored quickly without

Their foster mom is going to be out of town from the 13th - 18th. If you are willing and able to foster these sweet boys in that time period, email

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