Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ode in fashion

Pet Haven couldn't be more fortunate to have Mary and Tino as fosters for Ode, who has become our spokesdog (on November 1st we will be having our second annual Fall Benefit fundraiser where we will have a pet fashion show featuring dogs and cats, presented by Lulu and Luigi!). Ode will be leading our contingency at the fashion show. Our goal is to raise $25K which will go directly to helping abused animals like Ode. We sold out last year so be sure to go to our website and purchase tickets.

Ode went to see a holistic vet a couple days ago for itching and is being treated for scabies. She's on some natural, high quality food (thanks to Chuck and Don's for sponsoring her and providing her with treat, supplies and goodies!). Ode showed some resource guarding the first couple days, and with the help of Maureen (of Canine Coach) and the great work of Mary and Tino, her resource guarding has become a thing of the past.

Here's an update from Mary:

"The meeting with Maureen went well. Ode did show a little resource guarding but she has come a long way since last Friday. I got some tips on how to make things even better. We talked about Ode not wanting me to give the other dogs attention and we also talked about how fearful Ode is. I have noticed she is afraid of Tino and has to be encouraged to come to him where as she follows me like a shadow. Was she hurt by a male? Ode is also afraid of things in the environment such as the lawn mower, Tino dropping rocks in the wheelbarrow, loud noises and even bubbles. We are continuing to expose her to as much as possible with lots of loving encouragement. We did find out during our training session that Ode loves American cheese. She walked away from a pig ear to get a small piece.

This evening we had a small fashion show. Why feel bad about your differences? Instead make the most of them and Ode did just that. She was very cooperative and seemed to like the denim hat."

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rilera said...

I'm so glad to see Ode doing so well! She is such a sweet little girl. I love her hats!