Monday, July 7, 2008

Bishop goes camping!

An update from Bishop's foster mom:

"Bishop is doing superb. I would consider him fully house broken; no "accidents" in over 3 weeks. I'm happy to say we've added a great deal to his life experience, and he's done great with all of them (except when I took him for a run: he's not quite there yet.) He went canoeing with us a few weeks ago. He sat in the bow of the canoe for two days, and despite his abundant curiosity was pretty calm for all of it. He doesn't seem to have a prey drive (maybe he's too young?); the numerous deer we saw barely phased him. He gets along great with other dogs, even if they get frustrated by his constant desire to play.

We continue to crate him when we're not at home, due to his ongoing desire to chew things. As long as he has a bone to chew on he does pretty good, as long as our resident dog doesn't steal it from him. Even then he doesn't destroy things, but given too much time without supervision he might. He's doing better on a leash, but he will need someone to continue to work on leash training.

I think he has "sit" down pretty good, we're working on "shake". He sleeps through the night on the floor by our bed. Most of all, he is such a lover. I've never had a pit bull or pit bull mix before, and I was a bit nervous, but this dog has reiterated to me that bad dogs don't just happen. So I would say to anyone who might write this guy off because of his breed, please think again. Pit bulls and pit mixes need some good people to champion their cause right now, and show the world that their bad reputation was forced up on them by people who have raised them to be mean. This is your chance to raise a pit bull to be the lover that all dogs are capable of being."

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