Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mandy - Burning Calories with Kisses

Mandy has a very serious question to ask -- how many calories can you burn off licking your human? Mandy loves to kiss her foster dad and nibble on his ear -- and Mandy's foster mom loves to take photos of these hilarious moments.

If Mandy could kiss her way to better health I am sure she would be svelte in no time. Unfortunately for Mandy, kissing doesn't burn calories fast enough and she is not the one in charge of her exercise routine. You see, Mandy is carrying around a couple of extra pounds -- truly just a few, but on a small dog that's a lot of extra weight. So her foster mom has her on a d-i-e-t (don't tell Mandy) and gets her out walking every day. Foster mom thought that perhaps some cute new workout clothes would inspire Mandy to get out there and get going, but instead Mandy was just sorely disappointed (and a little bit shocked) to learn that you do not lose weight by just wearing exercise clothes while you lounge on the couch.

So Mandy has pulled out her final stop -- the "if I can't see you, you can't see me and this whole exercise thing just isn't going to happen" move. Mandy is sad to report that it's not working. So the walks continue and Mandy is learning how to walk nicely on a leash without weaving all over the place. On the upside, all that extra meandering is burning off extra calories!

If you need some extra loving in your life from a little Jack Russel Terrier and are committed to continuing her exercise program, please email to learn more about Mandy.

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