Monday, October 13, 2008

Foster Homes Needed!

Pet Haven is always in need of more foster homes, but in light of the current economic climate, the need is greater than ever. Every day we get multiple requests from families who are no longer able to care for their dog. These dogs have done nothing wrong and are the innocent victims of their family's misfortune. We can only help as many dogs as we have foster homes available!

Fostering a Pet Haven dog can be done at no cost to the foster home. All Pet Haven dogs arrive at their foster homes fully vetted with a collar, leash, gentle leader or harness for walking (if needed). Dog food, toys, blankets and treats are donated to Pet Haven and distributed to foster homes. Pet Haven covers the cost of any additional veterinary care required by the foster dog while in foster care. All you need to provide as a foster home are love and attention.

Pet Haven works hard to match up foster dogs and foster homes to try and ensure a positive experience for all involved. We work with you to identify a foster dog who will fit in well with all family members -- kids, dogs, cats and other pets. We also try to match the energy level and personality of the dog to the foster family. Do you have a young resident dog who loves to play, play, play? We can easily find you a foster dog who loves to do the same! Do you have a senior dog who does not tolerate young whippersnapper puppies? We can hook your family up with a mellow older dog who is happy to just hang out. Do you have a resident cat that does not want to be pestered by a dog? We will try to match you with a dog who has been there, done that with cats and won't bug your resident feline. Do you have kids? We will make sure you get a foster dog who has been kid tested.

Foster homes will tell you that fostering is one of the most rewarding things that they have ever done. Check out our dog foster information page to read testimonials from current Pet Haven fosters. You can also find answers to all of our most frequently asked questions about fostering on our dog foster information page.

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