Monday, October 27, 2008

Another happy ending: Zack

Zack came into Pet Haven back in August. He was surrendered by a family who loved him very much, but their child developed very strong allergies to Zack so they made the difficult decision to find him another home. Zack has spent over 2 months in a great foster home, patiently waiting for his new family to find him and fall in love. He attended several adoption events, but didn't get any nibbles. What Zack didn't know, and what we at Pet Haven didn't know, is that his new family had already found him -- they just weren't in a position to adopt quite yet. This week they were ready and contacted Pet Haven to see if he was still available. After watching Zack on the website for almost 2 months, J & P adopted him on Sunday. Congratulations to the whole family!

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