Monday, October 6, 2008

Dutch: Cute as a bug!

Dutch is ready for Halloween. Are you ready for Dutch? Just try and resist his big blue eyes!

Not only is he a willing participant when it comes to dressing up as a bee, he also loves to hunt for bugs in the yard. Sounds like some human boys I know! Estimated to be 1-2 years old, Dutch has a lot in common with human kids. He thrives on routine, love (his favorite is a big kiss on the head), positive training/reinforcement...and he will sleep better at night when he is given ample opportunity to burn off steam during the day! Sound like any kids you know?

Dutch has really lucked out with his foster home. His foster mom works at one of our doggy daycare partners -- so Dutch gets to go to work with her and play, play, play! This also means that she has gotten to observe him with all kinds of dogs and Dutch gets along fabulously with all of them. He would be a great 2nd dog if you have a pooch who needs a playmate.

If you've fallen victim to Dutch's big puppy dog eyes, email to find out more about him!

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