Sunday, October 5, 2008

Andy, Foster and Butterscotch - new intakes!

Yesterday afternoon, a fellow volunteer and myself had the good fortune of welcoming 3 new dogs into our foster program: Andy (black lab/shepherd mix), Butterscotch (heinz 57 brindle mix) and Foster (young lab mix - possibly has some newfie in him!). All 3 arrived in a transport from Sioux City, Iowa. All 3 whose time was up at the Sioux city animal control and the harsh reality where most often the big black dogs are euthanized (to learn more about Black Dog Syndrome visit Start Seeing Black Dogs).
Pet Haven received a plea from Sioux City animal control to save these dogs.
Every time I participate in transporting and welcoming dogs into Pet Haven's foster program, I am reminded of how each and every one of us can make a difference. For many of us entrenched in animal rescue, it's heartbreaking for us to know we can't save them all - but for every dog we rescue and are able to provide that well-deserved second chance, it is without the doubt, the fuel that keeps the flame of hope alive.

Andy, Foster and Butterscotch are all beautiful dogs. After many hours of travel, and a close brush with death, they are now safe and will soon be going to foster homes or one of our doggie daycare partners.

It's a never ending cycle and we continue to need your help. If you are able to foster (or know anyone able to) please send an email to You can learn more about fostering on our website. Every new foster allows us to save one more life, and in return you will receive lots and lots of slobbery kisses and more tail wags than you could ever imagine!

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