Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Benne: A big cuddle bug

Benne's name was originally pronounced "Ben-ay" (French), but after a few months in Minnesota its morphed into "Bennie" (our apologies to his New Orleans roots). Benne is a gorgeous 15 month old pit bull terrier. He is currently hanging out in a foster home with a couple of dogs and a cat named Henry. As you can see, he's hard at work attempting to broker a peace deal on behalf of dogs and cats everywhere. He gets along well with the dogs in his foster home as well. He likes to play with them and also respects the fact that he is not the one in charge in this dog pack.

Benne LOVES to snuggle. He would make a great foot warmer this winter. If your lap is cold, he'd be happy to sit there as well. If you need to warm your hands as temps drop this fall, Benne would like to remind you that dogs have warm fur and he would be happy to offer his services as a petting recipient. If you share Benne's belief that there's no such thing as "too big to be a lap dog" and want to meet this sweetheart, email

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