Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nestle & Gunnar: Adopted!

Don't you think that Nestle looked very much at home at his foster family's cabin this weekend? Well, his foster family agrees! Nestle is being adopted by Jenny and the rest of her pack. From Jenny's email "He is such a great dog and we have already grown very attached to him."

Gunnar is another middle-aged lab who came from the same shelter as Nestle and arrived in Pet Haven care on the same day. He was profiled on the blog a couple weeks back. He was deemed unadoptable at the shelter because of a heart murmur. Gunnar also charmed the socks off of his foster family and they are adopting him.

Nestle and Gunnar's stories are a heartwarming example of what dog rescue is all about.
Congratulations, boys!

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