Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nestle: Being nursed back to health

Nestle came to us from an animal control facility. Pet Haven was asked to consider taking in Nestle because he is middle aged and a retriever mix (we are thinking a Chesapeake Bay Retriever) -- which are a dime a dozen in animal control shelters. What we and the shelter didn't know at the time is that Nestle needed immediate medical attention as well.

Nestle arrived three weeks ago and he was very skinny (you can still see his ribs and hip bones in these photos -- after 3 weeks of good food in foster care) and generally in poor condition. He had an eye injury and was a little lame in one leg. Within a few days he had gone down hill and was very sick. He was hospitalized in ICU at one of our great veterinary partners, Bloomington Veterinary Hospital. They ran a battery of tests to try and understand what was wrong with our sweet boy. They were able to determine that he was shot with a pellet gun in the past. He may also have been hit by a car at some point. He developed a lot of swelling in his chest and front legs, he was bleeding in his groin area and was very lethargic. It was a tense few days -- Nestle was found to have a blood infection and bacterial endocarditis, which is an infection of his heart muscle. He also developed a slight heart murmur.

Nestle has the softest eyes and the sweetest disposition -- everyone who meets him falls madly in love with this chocolate brown boy. Everyone in Pet Haven and at the vet clinic was pulling for him to make it through. After a week of treatment at the vet he started to turn the corner and was well enough to move into a foster home. Nestle charmed one vet tech so much that she jumped at the chance to bring him home. He is now on the road to recovery, but he's not entirely out of the woods yet (all signs are positive though!).

Pet Haven is fortunate to know that he is in good hands with a trained veterinary professional who will be able to monitor his progress on a daily basis...
...and who also takes him to her cabin!! Nestle spent this weekend swimming in the lake and hanging out up north with his foster family. Nestle has come so far in three weeks.

Pet Haven is able to provide these life saving treatments for Nestle and other dogs like him because of the generous financial support of our donors. We are incredibly blessed to have been able to say "yes" to all of the diagnostic work and veterinary care that Nestle required. Pet Haven supporters saved Nestle's life. All you need to do is look into Nestle's big brown eyes to see how thankful he is.

To make a donation and help Nestle and other dogs like him, please visit our donation page.

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