Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Katie: From a hoarder to happy hound

Katie is a 2-3 year old pointer mix who came to Pet Haven this summer from a hoarding situation in SW Minnesota. A hoarder is someone who has an obsessive-compulsive disorder about collecting things, such as newspapers, boxes, books, etc. Unfortunately for Katie, this individual hoarded dogs. Things were way beyond their control and luckily Katie ended up in rescue and coming to Pet Haven.

Since Katie did not have the best start in life, she had some insecurities when she arrived in foster care. Katie was living outside a number of other dogs, and did not get a lot of attention. Katie has some separation anxiety and would do best in a home where someone is home most of the day, or someone works from home. She does take an inexpensive medication to help keep her calm. When she is left alone in the home she will bark, but she is not destructive.

Katie's separation anxiety, which is common in many dogs, is the only special requirement she has. She is ready to go home! Katie is housetrained and currently lives with two senior dogs. Katie would like to have another dog brother or sister but doesn't need them to be a playmate, just to hang out with. Katie would prefer a fenced in yard so she can explore without you worrying about her nose taking her somewhere far away! Katie knows some commands and likes to play fetch and tug. Katie walks well on a leash -- she sticks close to your side (ok, maybe sometimes a little TOO close). Katie also enjoys listening to you talk - she'll wrinkle her forehead so you know that she is really paying attention. She has some favorite toys she would love to show off for you!

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