Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update on Geordie the dumpster pup!

Back on April 15, 2008 Pet Haven got a plea to help a litter of 5 black pups found in a rural Iowa - left in a box by the dumpster! With the overwhelming response we received in our effort to find fosters for these pups, we decided to start a Pet Haven dog blog so that their progress could be followed!

This beautiful litter of 5 black pups marked the birth of the Pet Haven dog blog!!

And yesterday, we received an update on one of the pups... Geordie (formerly Calcifur):

"I thought you all might enjoy another Geordie (formerly known as Calcifur) update! We are so happy with him. His training is going along well - he learns best playing frisbee, though he's happy to learn with dog food kibble as well. He's very smart, affectionate, and enthusiastic. He still climbs in bed every morning to get his snuggles. He and Angus have been become great buddies - playing together and sleeping together during the day but Geordie is very respectful of his older brother thanks to Angus' teaching. He and Angus did lots of swimming in the river this summer - he loves the water. He's a big boy - 60 lb the last time we had him at the vet, but pretty slender in build. He loves walks and riding in the car - and getting his picture taken! Whenever I get out the camera he comes over and sits in front of me, though we didn't teach him that! He's still into chewing whatever he can get his mouth onto, but he is so graceful with his lips! He can peel flat magnets off the refrigerator and pulls select, single books off the bookshelves to chew on and seems to prefer the oldest and dustiest books, for some reason (we've had to put the bookshelves off limits, of course). He is such a sweet boy, though we've had to do a lot of explaining about how the cats are not toys! But he is working on remembering that and listens when we say, "leave it" when he goes after the cats. Geordie is such a treasured member of our family - we feel so lucky to have found him. We can't believe he's over 7 months already - the time has gone so quickly!

Thank you so very much for helping us to find Geordie!"

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