Monday, September 21, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

After 6 months in loving care of her foster mom Sonoma, a husky mix from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was adopted this weekend. Sonoma's foster mom shared with Sonoma's new dad how she likes to have strawberries at bedtime. After completing the adoption paperwork and on his way home to prepare for the home visit, he picked up some strawberries for Sonoma --- a fresh batch waiting for her upon her arrival. After her healthy bedtime snacks, I am sure Sonoma will be waiting for her belly rub. She's quick to roll over on her back, and with those piercing eyes, i'm sure she'll have
her Humans trained soon to rub her belly!

Sugar - Poodle-Bichon was adopted by her foster parents. They couldn't say good-bye when a great applicant was interested in her. Right after they officially adopted her they stopped by Woofstock - a fellow Pet Haven volunteer saw Sugar and her new family and it was clear they were all thrilled with their new addition! Rumor has it that Sugar's new parents will continue to volunteer with Pet Haven and will still be fostering! Congrats to Sugar and her new family!

Meko, a gorgeous black lab mix, came to Pet Haven almost a year ago from a shelter in rural Iowa. Pet Haven has a strong partnership with this shelter as we share a passion for advocating for big black dogs who are often overlooked, a phenomenon referred to as Black Dog Syndrome. Meko got lucky this weekend (or from his perspective, his adoptive family got lucky!) He is headed for the good life on Lake Superior with a family of four who are delighted to have a new dog in their life.

Jack went home with Pet Haven volunteer Merry S and her family. The calm senior German Shepherd will join PH alum Geordie, fka Calcifur and a six year old human brother.

Jonnie Cakes has come along way from her days as a stray in Red Lake. She was adopted on Saturday by a lady who came to meet our dogs at the previous adoption event in Minnetonka. JC's new mom lives right by a dog park and during the home visit there were lots of pictures being taken of JC's firsts in her new home! I think JC has found his pal for life!

Brandy Jack, now just Jack, was adopted this week. His new family was
looking for a new Chocolate Lab to love after losing an older one, and
didn't want to adopt a puppy at this busy stage of their lives. Jack has
two human children to play with and a big yard to explore with the family's other dog, Ollie, a young Australian Shepherd. From the photo on the left you can see that Jack and Ollie are already best buds! Jack's new mom, Nat, has also started volunteering with Pet Haven and we are very excited to have her marketing and special events experience to help get the word out about homeless dogs and cats!

Max (we called him Max III) a large black lab was adopted at the last Mtka event. Max didn’t stay in our program for long. He was adopted at his first adoption event and is thriving in his new home where he is adored by his parents. Sorry Max ... you were in and out of our foster program so fast that I didn't get a chance to take your photo!

We have lots to celebrate this week ... Congratulations to Sonoma, Sugar, Meko, Jack , JC, Jack (formerly Brandy Jack) and Max!

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