Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Gunnar

Gunnar arrived into Pet Haven's foster program from a shelter in rural Iowa. With his health issues he was not a good candidate for being placed up for adoption at the shelter. Little did Gunnar know that his fosters who were only going to keep him temporarily, would fall for him so quickly .... his first foster home turned out to be his forever home! Way to win 'em over Gunnar!

"Gunnar and Moose (rat terrier) are great friends and do everything together. We're so happy to have such a loving, sweet, happy yellow lab in our family. His heart problem doesn't often cause him much difficulty, though when it's hot and humid, he doesn't really have too much stamina. But then, neither do I! When we first got Gunnar, he weighed about 80 pounds, obviously too much weight for his frame. He's now weighs about 67 pounds, and our vet thinks that's the perfect size for him. He needs to keep his weight down because of his heart murmur, but also because of his knees. He just had surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee, and if one knee goes, the other one may go, too. He's recovering very well,and the only problem is keeping him from doing too much. He doesn't understand that he's not supposed to run after the squirrels and rabbits right now!

Gunnar is a great foster brother to the Pet Haven dogs that we've had staying with us. He's very calm, doesn't let too much rattle him. As long as he gets fed, and gets some love from his humans, he's happy."

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