Sunday, September 27, 2009

Max is coming out of his shell!

Max is a gentle guy who is starting to show his spark and his love for people. When I first got Max, he had the typcal Chow aloof quality. He was extremely well behaved but spent a fair amount of time laying on his bed outside while the rest of the family was inside. He didn't show any interest in toys or know how to play.
My how things have changed! In just a few months, Max has become quite attached to his foster family - including the dogs, cat, and parents. He follows his foster mom around in the morning when she is getting ready. Even though she walks from one room to another to another several times within 20 minutes, he is never far behind. He looks up at her with those handsome dark eyes and her heart melts.

He's also learning how to play. Still not so good at it, but learning. He lifts his entire legs up without bending them and runs around the house with the legs going up and down. He has a big smile on his face the entire time. Occasionally he and his dog sister will attempt to play together, but Max is still learning how that works. It is definitely fun to watch him though!

He's pretty chill with the cat, but remains intrigued. Occasionally, he has to be reminded that the cat is there which he failed to do one morning when nearly laying on top of the cat. After a quick claw swipe of the nose, he realized his mistake and moved on.

Max is a very sweet dog who loves to go for rides, walks (which he does REALLY good on!), and especially hang out with the family. He now likes to be close. If given the opportunity, he'd probably do the same with yours.

Max's foster mom loves to talk about her boy and would welcome any questions about his possible fit in your home! Email if you would like to meet Max or have any questions. He's waiting!

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