Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chuck ready for the good life he deserves

Chuck is an example of Pet Haven's commitment to all of our dogs in our foster program - "once a Pet Haven animal always a Pet Haven animal." And Chuck's foster mom is a testament to the dedication, love and patience of many of our volunteers.

Chuck was originally adopted out in 1996. His previous owner returned him because of wanting to travel more. Our intake coordinator works tirelessly to counsel owners to keep working with their pets and providing resources to support. In the end, Pet Haven will always do what's in the best interest of the dog/cat. Chuck, a 14 year old, was returned to Pet Haven in April of 2009. An update on Chuck from his foster:

"Chuck is one of those dogs that can't help but inspire you. He has had some tough breaks in the last few months, but he never gives up. He just keeps on trying to do better. When he first came to my home, he was very confused and didn't know who to trust. He barked and snapped at people who came to the house or approached him at Adoption Events. He wouldn't allow me to pet him and didn't like to be touched.

A few months later it is hard to believe he is the same dog. He sat next to me today nudging my hand so I would pet him and scratch behind his ears. He likes to follow me around the house just to hang out with me. His behavior has greatly improved when people visit. He still doesn't like strangers and will bark and growl at them, but he enthusiastically greets people who are regular visitors - especially when they bring him treats. He even allows one close friend to scratch his ears and rub his belly.

Chuck does have some food aggression challenges to overcome, but he is making progress. If he were an only dog, this would not be an issue. If he were in a home with another dog, the food issue can be managed with training and separate feeding locations. He does have the attitude that he wants to please his human, so he is very responsive to training.

Chuck has had some tough breaks. He still keeps trying. He will love you and be your new best friend if you just give him that second chance. To watch a dog come out of his shell and to learn to trust again is one of the most rewarding experiences. Help make a difference -- Chuck's ready to get off the road of tough breaks. He's ready for the good life he deserves.

For more info check out Chuck's bio. Email if you would like to meet Chuck or have any questions.

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