Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Lola and Emma!

Meet Emma and Lola! Both these pups came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue ... Bart (who was featured on yesterday's post) also came from Red Lake Rosie's. One of the things we have come to realize is that the Red Lake dogs are truly mutts of mutts. We never know what mix of breed they are. Often your guess is as good as our's :) Many of us took stabs at guessing Bart's breed when he arrived, and his new mom ended up getting a DNA test ... well, no surprise, we were all wrong!! :)

So ... to answer your question of what breed are Emma and Lola. Well, we're told they are shepherd mixes. They probably do have some shepherd in them, but the beautiful thing about these Red Lake dogs is that they are mixed with who knows what ... and it's often a pleasant surprise! One thing is for sure though, they are adorable. And in the words of their foster mom: "they both rate 10 on the scale."

Their foster mom goes on to say, "Emma is a toe biter so we have to watch our feet. Both are fearless and explored the entire back yard in the first five minutes. They can really run fast on those short legs."

Both pups have been spayed and have had their second round of shots so are up for adoption.

And more from foster mom:
"Lola 6 pounds, brown/black female. She chases the cats so don't know if a home with cats is a good idea. Lola loves people, gets along great with my grandson and is friendly with our other dogs. She is extremely playful and feisty. Lola loves to play tug of war and chase small stuffed animals. When she is sleepy she enjoys cuddling.

Emma, 7 pounds, gold female. Emma doesn't like our cats and even bit poor Taz in the face (he is our most docile cat). Emma loves to chase. Whether it be stuffed animals, her sister Lola or us, running around the backyard is a favorite activity. Emma is very playful and friendly. She also gets along great with our other dogs, small children and adults. She loves to be held and cuddled like a baby."

If you'd like to learn more about Emma or Lola please email

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