Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Bode's first camping trip!

Bode (formerly "Marty") came to Pet Haven's foster program in June 2008 from a shelter in rural Iowa. We love working with this shelter in Spencer, Iowa as they are huge advocates for the big black dogs who are often overlooked. [To learn more about "Black Dog Syndrome" read the MSNBC article]. His new mom and dad had planned on just fostering him -- well, that didn't last long as they simply fell in love with this sweet boy and decided to adopt him! I got an update from his new family and it's clear that Bode is living life to the fullest!

"Last weekend was Bode's first camping trip. He was amazing, as expected. He loved running through the woods and hanging out with all our friends around the fire. Slept through the night on his bed in the tent. Went canoeing and you can see from the photo how exciting it was for him. All that water and the closest he came to jumping in was a paw touch on the surface. (P.S. He ALWAYS needs to rest his little chin on something. No surprise that riding in the canoe was any different.) We couldn't ask for a better dog.... In addition to being CGC certified and co-captain of The Fast and The Furballs Pet Haven team, Bode was also a Pet Haven ambassador when we volunteered at Paws on Grand."

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