Monday, September 28, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Coco was a stray who was taken in by one of Pet Haven's volunteers. When Coco was found she was in rough shape -- her nails had not been cut in months, her fur was so long she couldn't see, and she had feces and urine imbedded in her rear and fur. With a little love, attention, grooming, and vet care it wasn't long before Coco showed us just how beautiful she really is!

Coco was adopted this past week. She has a fenced yard to run in and a new adoptive family (including a 13 year old 2-legged brother!) who adores her. Coco has a nice little breakfast nook to sun herself in the mornings -- her new mom even bought her a fabulous new pink bed for her to feel comfy in.

Congratulations Coco on your new home! And to Coco's new family, we would love to get updates on how she is doing.

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