Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boogie: A real lover and a real joy

Update from Boogie's foster:

"Boogie came into our lives as a foster who continually brings us surprises and smiles. We were initially concerned about Boogie’s age and health but both issues have had little impact on our daily routine. Boogie loves going on walks and can actually go quite a ways for a little guy. He makes us laugh every time we get out his leash for his walk. He runs around our place with such excitement and exuberance; we continually get a kick out of it. Once out the door he trots along like a little show dog who is so happy to be out in the world

If we are outside in our yard, he does like patrolling it with the resident dog. If a dog is walking, he likes to let them know his presence. He gives out this howl that isn’t annoying but rather humorous.

Another one of his favorite activities is getting petted. He literally cannot get enough of it and once we take our hands off of him; he paws at us to continue. He also loves to roll on his back. He will wiggle around all over the floor on his back swaying his head from side to side (another moment that brings us constant smiles).

Lastly, he really enjoys his meal times and treats. He looks at us with this big brown eyes just waiting for dinner. After some experimentation with his food (he needs to stay on a low-sodium diet), he has become a champion eater.

As far as his demeanor goes, Boogie is extremely sweet. He always comes to us when we call him and looks at us with his adoring eyes. He really is just looking to be loved, and it is hard not to love him.

Overall, Boogie is a real lover who is surprisingly low maintenance. He has been a real joy in our lives and will make an ideal pet."

For more info check out Boogie's bio or email

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