Monday, October 26, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Sammy Jo has been in Pet Haven's foster program for a year. On Sammy Jo's one year anniversary from the first day Gayle and Sammy Jo (now just Sammy) met, Gayle made the adoption final. Sammy Jo says, "at last!" Gayle has spent countless hours working with Sammy to calm her fear based aggressive behaviors. She has been to classes with Maureen at Canine Coach and it has payed off for both Gayle and Sammy. Even canine brother Rusty is enrolled in a class now. Gayle also installed a brand new fence so Sammy can not go chasing squirrels around the neighborhood. 

Congratulations Sammy and Gayle!

Frosty, a 2 year old 12 lb maltese mix, found his forever home on Friday. He is the only canine companion of a very attentive mom. He has a big house to explore and grandkids to meet, so the first week in his new home will be very busy.  Frosty is such a well-behaved and happy boy that he is sure to charm the socks off of everyone he meets, just like he did with his new mom. His two most favorite things are walks and toys. His new mom walks three times a day and greeted him with a basket of toys when he came to visit her. Frosty's dream came true!

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