Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Missy

Missy was in Pet Haven's foster program for quite some time before she got adopted. She was bounced around from foster home to foster home, not because she wasn't sweet and loving, but because she had a pretty serious case of separation anxiety (which is something we see in rescued dogs who have been tossed around and have no sense of 'home'). She finally landed as a foster at one of doggie daycare partners, Pampered Pooch Playground where they just fell in love with her. Missy did great there and also had a Pet Haven foster buddy, Sarah, who would stop by every day to take her for walks/runs. Well, Sarah has been a buddy to quite a few Pet Haven dogs .... but there was something about Missy and the bond they shared. The rest is history :) I recently asked Sarah for an update on Missy after I saw this cute photo of her posted on facebook. Here's her response:

"Yeah, she was looking like quite the model on Saturday when I took that. :) She's so cute and sweet. She's doing great. We moved into my condo August 31, and she really knows this is OUR place. I had been living with her at my friend's place for a month until we moved in here (the friend she was living with for a couple months before I moved in there while I was waiting to close on my place), and you can tell she just really feels at home here. She takes most ALL her toys out of her toy basket every night. I don't know if she's showing off or has a short attention span per toy. :) She LOVES laying on my patio/balcony - she has HER spot. She loves being on the lookout for squirrels and bunnies which are plentiful around here. I have a picture of her laying on the balcony (attached) where she likes to but you can't see her real well because I was taking the picture of the balcony to show a friend shortly after I moved in. Missy and I go roller-blading just about every day after work around Shelard Park here. She SPRINTS so I needed to strap on my rollerblades to keep up and give her a good workout. She's been sooooooo good in the mornings - we have our routine and when we come in from outside for the potty shortly before I leave for work she knows I'm leaving and goes directly into her kennel without me asking. So good. She also loves to sit and shake people's hands. She sleeps in bed most of the time and when my boyfriend is over insists on sleeping right in the middle of us to be cuddled from both sides. :) I can't say that I see much separation anxiety from her. PS - I had never read all her papers from her adoption before and came across what her name used to be - Snickers! Too funny. She fits as a Missy I think much better. And I came across her birthday which I was really happy about too so I know for sure what day to celebrate!"

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